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This is the trailer for my novel Stark Realities.

Here are the openings to all six of my novels so far. If you like the sample, please go ahead and download the whole thing(s). Thanks.

I should warn you that most of my work features strong language and violence, so if that’s not your bag, don’t click!

Stark Realities Chapter One

The body of a young girl has been washed up on the shores of the River Forth near Alloa. At first, it seems like a tragic suicide. However, as DI Adam Stark and his team start to investigate, things appear to be less clear-cut.

Links to an influential local family, Stark’s old adversaries the McDuffs, a semi-professional footballer, and the loner who discovered her body, slowly begin to weave together, forming a different story. Something dark lurks in their shared past.

Meanwhile, Stark’s own past is taking its toll. He’s going through a bit of a crisis. Loneliness and self-doubt are gnawing at him. He doesn’t realise it yet but these feelings will soon pale as the case heads towards a shocking conclusion.


Drivers Chapter One

What would you do if someone offered you a great job with a company car, an expense account and the chance to drive the girl of your dreams around all day? You’d bite their hand off, right? What if the guy offering the job is a violent gangster and the girl of your dreams is his only daughter? Still keen?

Ross Fleming decides to take the job but his dreams turn to nightmares as the girl takes him on a journey he’ll never forget.

Revenge, justice, loyalty, lies, love, anger and an identity crisis. Turns out, the new chauffeur is not her only driver…so buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Stark Choices Opening Chapter

DI Adam Stark has left London and his overbearing boss, returned to his home town of Alloa, hoping things might be quieter and to spend a bit of time with his Ma.

Meanwhile, Stella McDuff has just won millions on the lottery. It’s the only good luck she’s had in her entire life. She has plans to escape to London, leaving her life of drudgery, her thoughtless children and brutish husband, Billy, behind. Stark knows the McDuffs well. Billy and his brother Malky are arch-enemies from childhood and they’re not pleased to see him again.

Stella is rich, she can almost taste her freedom, but winning that amount of money has awakened a few green-eyed monsters. It’s not long before she’s facing every parent’s worst nightmare and Stark is dealing with missing persons, kidnap, ransom and murder. So much for the quiet life back home.

Be careful what you wish for…


Stark Contrasts – Opening Chapter

In the heart of London, a concerned citizen is taking action: doing something about those everyday irritants that serve to increase the stresses of city life. Spitting out chewing gum, using mobiles in restaurants, barging onto Tube trains, tailgating, and blasting out music on public transport, all incur a heavy price for the transgressors.

As punishments escalate in severity and the press make a champion of this anti-hero, Detective Inspector Adam Stark is desperately trying to make sense of what’s going on. Random, unconnected victims, excessive retribution, red herrings, kidnap, mutilation, mistaken identity, gangsters, revenge and murder. Things are getting totally out of hand.

Stark needs to nail this sociopath with a social conscience, but the case is so bizarre, it might just be running away from him – heading toward a brutal and bloody conclusion.


In Many Ways – Opening Chapter

A young man is abducted and mutilated for talking out of turn, and a policeman is murdered as a result – all in a day’s work for Danny O’Neill, Scotland’s most notorious gangster.

Meanwhile, small-time drug dealer and shop worker Davie Argyle has just crossed O’Neill’s path. Davie has been waiting a long time for this. He needs to swallow his pride and convince O’Neill to trust him. Thing is, can he stay alive long enough for his plan to work?

Torture, murder, rock n roll and bloody revenge ensue as pasts unfurl and long-held secrets reveal themselves.

In many ways, it was only a matter of time until it all kicked off…


Pandora’s Pitbull – Opening Chapter

Two clandestine world’s have collided – with disastrous consequences.

A fighting dog, kidnapped and used in a top secret experiment, is free and carrying a virus. A virus like nothing that’s gone before. A virus that’s spreading through Scotland unchecked.

As society implodes and people refuse to die a normal death, the fates of a small boy, a young woman, a soldier and the very country they live in will hang in the balance.

A new evil has been unleashed on the world but it might be too late to put the lid back on this particular box…

Peter Carroll

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