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Hello, welcome and thanks for visiting my inaugural blog!

This is an exciting time for me, with the launch of my first novel “In Many Ways”. If you’ve already bought a copy, I’d like to thank you for doing so. If you don’t already have it, but would like to buy it, please click the link to the right. Then again, maybe you are hovering over the link, wondering whether you should part with your cash, and equally reasonably, you might be wondering what the book is all about so here’s a little info to help you decide…

In “In Many Ways”, a young man is abducted and mutilated for talking out of turn, and a policeman is murdered as a result – all in a day’s work for Danny O’Neill, Scotland’s most notorious gangster.

Meanwhile, small-time drug dealer and shop worker Davie Argyle has just crossed O’Neill’s path. Davie has been waiting a long time for this. He needs to swallow his pride and convince O’Neill to trust him. Thing is, can he stay alive long enough for his plan to work?

Torture, murder, rock n roll and bloody revenge ensue as pasts unfurl and long-held secrets reveal themselves.

Oh, and of course, the other reason to take a chance is that it is an absolute bargain!

I hope this has convinced you to click and give my book a try! It would be great to get feedback from you if you enjoy it. If you would like to keep informed about future books and to occasionally catch up with what’s going on with Peter Carroll, please do register in the box to the right.



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4 Responses to Wecome to Peter Carroll’s blog

  1. E Ritchie says:

    Downloaded this book to my I Pad. Not really my preferred subject but the summary looked interesting. I was quickly drawn into the plot and found I was eagerly turning each page as the plot unraveled. Excellent use of language and I thoroughly enjoyed the story line
    I look forward to the next piece of work .
    E. R.

  2. Hi Peter: Congratulations on an excellent blog site. I just published my first novel in May and have been dealing with the same FB and Twitter frustrations. I too am working on my next novel, but am not as far along as you, concentrating instead on the character biographies of my three protagonists as well as my villain.
    I’ll check your you book.
    Geoffrey Wells, author of A fado for the River.

    • PeteC says:

      Hi Geoffrey, thanks for the kind comments. I am slowly getting to grips with the Social Media but have done a lot less writing than I’d like! I will check out your novel too. Regards, Peter

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