Life Is Sweet!

Ok, I’m one week into this having a book published lark, and I have to tell you it has been one of the most exciting and frustrating weeks of my life!

When you write a book it is a huge deal to throw it out there into the world and wait for the responses of those that read it. Uncertainty, hope, nervousness, and anticipation swirl around in your head constantly. Those first few positive reviews are like a wonderful warm bath for your ego and help to make you feel like maybe this was all worth it after all.

At the same time, it is incredibly frustrating to watch your book yo-yo up and down in the Amazon ratings, teasing you as it climbs and then falls again, and it has made little progress in the US, but hey, it is very early days.

However, there has been a fantastically uplifting side to this process that I can keep forever – whether the book becomes a best seller or not. My friends and family have rallied around in a truly humbling display of support and encouragement. My wife and brother have been acting like seasoned agents – cajoling and prodding almost anyone who crosses their path into taking a look at my book. Some lovely people have gone out of their way to post great comments on their own blogs and especially on Facebook. In short, I feel blessed to be surrounded by people who are prepared to give so much on behalf of another – I know that if it wasn’t me they would do it for someone else.

The media is full of doom and gloom and those that will tell you things are not as good as they used to be. They will say that people have become disconnected and have no respect. They will tell you that we have to circle the wagons and prepare for our descent into hell. Well, I think they are wrong. There are still plenty of good people out there that have a sense of community, kinship, and common decency. People who respond to a request for help with positivity and enthusiasm.

Right now, life is sweet and I intend to enjoy every minute of the ride I am on with my book. Best of all, it is not a ride I take alone.

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4 Responses to Life Is Sweet!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well said Pete, no wonder you are an up and coming author.
    You deserve every success and I wish you and your family all the best on this exciting journey!

    • webmaster says:

      Thanks Jen and sorry for the late reply! I am ‘Webmaster’ by the way -technical hitch but decided better to reply than wait any longer for it get fixed.

  2. Glynis Smy says:

    Huge congratulations. Good luck for the future.

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